December 2017…

Misty Bywater is a composer, musician, artist, poet and filmmaker.  She mostly musically weaves psychedelic lullabies, plaintive piano waltzes and sweetly strange carousel melodies.

Misty is presently so full of music, she believes she might burst.  She is already working on several songs for her second album, including “England” and “Whistled From Sleep”.  Should you be interested in the birth of such songs, their working drafts may be accessed under the MISTYMUSIC menu above, or, alternatively, Misty’s Youtube or Soundcloud pages.

Meanwhile, her first album, “Lullaby Waterfall”, is almost complete.  The final recordings shall be undertaken in the new year, then – once mixing and mastering has also been completed – it will be going to the CD pressing plant.  Misty’s album has been recorded in Michael Tellbach’s studio, Michael being the man behind the mask in the German “mystical pop” music project, ART ABSCONs  He also runs the music label, Opus Abscondi – indeed, the label through which “Lullaby Waterfall” shall be released.

Michael’s input as a producer and sound engineer has been invaluable:  Misty has learnt so much about the mysterious processes involved which seem to have been a source of great fascination to her.  For example, she was delighted to be shown that a blackbird (Albert, ‘captured’ inadvertently whilst recording some piano music three years ago) sang at 2 kHz.

The album is a collection of psychedelic lullabies.  There will be fourteen tracks in all, comprising of one poem and thirteen songs.   You will feel  v e r y  sleepy…



True Connectivity.  Wahre Konnektivität ©2016A Haiku…

I saw a thousand angels.

They turned into leaves

And left in autumn.