Misty Bywater is an English composer, musician, artist, poet and photographer of rural Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire ancestry.   Her music is as rooted in the rustic as a hedgerow (in a dream), manifesting itself through sparse yet warm arrangements.  The music features elements of classical and folk, with an unhewn – often lo fi – aesthetic.

Misty has recently released her debut album, “Lullaby Waterfall” (Opus Abscondi record label, 2018) on CD.

To access examples of Misty’s work, click on the various menu headings above, or visit her sites at:  Facebook  (administered by Michael Tellbach, Opus Abscondi); Soundcloud and Youtube.

Please feel free to contact Misty directly at: mistyartmusic@gmail.com   

Bywater by water


True Connectivity.  Wahre Konnektivität ©2016

A Haiku…

I saw a thousand angels.

They turned into leaves

And left in autumn.