Misty Bywater is an English composer, musician, artist, poet and photographer of rural Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire stock.   Her music is as rooted in the rustic as a hedgerow (in a dream), manifesting itself through sparse yet warm arrangements.  The music features elements of classical and folk, with an unhewn – often lo fi – aesthetic.

Misty has recently released her debut album, “Lullaby Waterfall” (Opus Abscondi record label, 2018) on CD.  The CD comes with an original miniature picture hand-drawn by Misty.

To access examples of her work, click on the various menu headings above, or visit her sites at:  Soundcloud  and  Youtube.

Please feel free to contact Misty directly at:  mistyartmusic@gmail.com

Bywater by water


True Connectivity.  Wahre Konnektivität ©2016

A Haiku…

I saw a thousand angels.

They turned into leaves

And left in autumn.