The devil makes work for idle hands, so the saying goes.  Therefore, I have been busy (whilst all atremble) drawing more miniature pictures.  One picture shall be presented as a gift, to accompany each “Lullaby Waterfall” CD (Opus Abscondi, 2018).

Two hundred and fifty CDs were pressed.  The miniature pictures take approximately three hours to complete.  I think I am going to heaven.

The Forest Beside Lullaby Waterfall

Lullaby Waterfall miniatures

More examples of my artworks, created using pen and ink, pastels or pencil:

Here are the drawings I created especially for Art Abscon‘s wonderful LP, “The Separate Republic” (2017).  The album is now available on double vinyl (also featuring “The Lost Tape”) as well as CD from Opus Abscondi.

Here are a few examples of my attempts to breathe new life into a selection of my drawings – by photographing them close up, at unusual angles:

I created this Schumann portrait via automatic drawing whilst under the influence of Schumann.  A 1938 recording of his Violin Concerto was playing at the time.

Schumann I © 2015
Schumann I © 2015


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