I, Misty Bywater, am an English creative type, of rural Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire stock.  The music I compose is as rooted in the rustic as a hedgerow (in a dream); sometimes bare, sometimes heavy with leaf and with birds nesting inside it.   I write poetry and I’m currently writing a book for children.  I also draw pictures, mostly using pen and ink, pencils and pastels.

My debut album, “Lullaby Waterfall” (Opus Abscondi , 2018) was recently released on CD.  It is a collection of psychedelic lullabies.  Each CD comes with an original miniature picture which I drew myself, as a thank you.

If you would like to hear / see examples of my works, please click on the various menu headings above, or visit my  Soundcloud  and  Youtube sites.

Feel free to contact me directly at  mistyartmusic@gmail.com


True Connectivity.  Wahre Konnektivität ©2016

A Haiku…

I saw a thousand angels.

They turned into leaves

And left in autumn.



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  1. “The site and music calls us back to be humble in the face of the forces of nature! Celtic peoples knew this nature and underwent this nature! People of this time do not know nature anymore and confirm themselves above this nature and thus above God” Ludwig of the Flanders Fields

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