I’m an English creative type of rural Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire stock.  The music I compose is as rooted in the rustic as a hedgerow (in a dream); sometimes bare, sometimes heavy with leaf and with birds nesting inside it. 

My debut album, “Lullaby Waterfall“, was released last year on Michael Tellbach’s Opus Abscondi label.  Currently, I’m writing and illustrating a book for children, whilst working on songs for my second album.

August 2019.  I also recently composed a new song for the compilation album “Undulating Waters 3”, which will be released on cassette tape on the Woodford Halse label.  Thanks to Kosmischeboy for helping with production and sound engineering, and to Mat Handley, for asking. 

If you would like to know more, please click on the various menu headings above, or visit my  Soundcloud  and  Youtube sites, where several of the songs and videos I made may be found.

Misty Bywater.



True Connectivity.  Wahre Konnektivität ©2016

A Haiku…

I saw a thousand angels.

They turned into leaves

And left in autumn.