Autumn 2019.  I recently composed a new song named “The Absence” for the compilation album “Undulating Waters 3”, which was released in September 2019 on cassette tape on the Woodford Halse label.  Thanks to Kosmischeboy for helping with production and sound engineering, and to Mat Handley for asking.

2018.  My debut album, “Lullaby Waterfall“, was released on CD in June 2018, on Michael Tellbach’s Opus Abscondi record label.  The CD comes with an original picture, hand-drawn by myself, in addition to a leaflet containing lyrics…  …  All compositions, arrangements and lyrics by Misty Bywater.  Vocals, spoken word, pianos, toy keyboard, tenor recorder and ‘C’ tin whistle by Misty Bywater… …  Production and sound engineering by Michael Tellbach (Art Abscons; Tellbach).  Track 4 – microKORG; track 5 – vocals; track 8 – bass guitar by Michael Tellbach.  Thank you, Michael.

For the time being, at least, the “Lullaby Waterfall” album is not being streamed online and is only available on CD, though a handful of its songs may be heard via my Soundcloud and Youtube pages.  For example…

Meanwhile, several songs for my second album are arriving through the aether.  Here are the rough working drafts of two of them, namely, “Whistled From Sleep” and “England”…

Very occasionally, an improvisation falls out of me.  Here is such a piece, recorded one evening in February, 2018…

This is a short piece I originally composed for descant recorder and guitar many years ago.  I recently revisited it and, this time, arranged it as a 2-part harmony for tenor and alto recorders.  “By The Waters Of The Trent” is dedicated to Beryl:

A collaboration with my friend Art Abscon bore this fruit:

This is the Steinway grand piano I played at the Arp Museum, Rolandseck, Germany on 21st December, 2015.  It was wonderful to have the opportunity to play that beautiful piano whilst gazing at the river Rhine and the mountains beyond.

The Debussy pieces I played – along with a wild improvisation – were recorded, then incorporated into two separate sound collages by the sound engineer, Max Walter.  These collages formed complementary audio soundtracks to the “Genese Dada” art exhibition which ran from February to July 2016:




2 thoughts on “Mistymusic

  1. As I sat listening to Lullaby Waterfall for the first time, I found myself laid on my back with arms outstretched in a still, sun-dappled river looking up at the bright blue sky. Thank you.

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