An English treasure:  Vivian Stanshall, of The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band fame.


The most marvellous film footage from 1964.  Listen to the Vienna Boys’ Choir singing this Schubert song!


A painfully wonderful Russian animation, “Tale of Tales” (1979), by Yuri Norstein.


I will thank the composer of this song until the day I die – and then I will thank him again – for this most beautifully pure arrangement of recorders and flutes.  The song is featured in a Czechoslovakian fairy tale film from the early 1970s.


The Hungarian band, Trabant.  I love this song, profoundly.


Warlus – “Songs” (1975).  A treasure from the little-known French musician, Richard Maubert.


A marvellous English children’s television series from the 1970s, “Children of the Stones”.  It will surely appeal to any admirers of “Catweazle” and “The Wicker Man”!


Sublime harmonies from Haydn, performed by St John’s College Choir, Cambridge, England.


A heavenly composition by the Norwegian, Sigur Lie, with an equally heavenly performance by Oslo’s Sølvguttene choir.


A spellbinding scene from a 1972 Czechoslovakian film, “Dotek motýla”, with music by the outstanding film music composer Luboš Fišer.


SHARPIES and fantastic music from Lobby Lloyd / Coloured Balls feature in this remarkable footage from 1974.